quasi-beauty traps

The New Year gives us the opportunity to begin anew. Whether it’s a new resolution or a slightly different theme, we can change our minds about how we live our lives.

One avenue of thought is to examine how we care for ourselves, particularly how we accept aging and what we can do to stay the course so we do not think or say unkind words when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

A recent article from demonstrates how a young, 42 year old woman spent $8,000 on various injections and topical procedures hoping to look years younger. This scenario is so typical of women who see apparent aging in their faces and rush head-long into avenues of quasi-beauty traps. Why are they traps? Injections that plump and paralyze must be repeated over and over again throughout the year to maintain “the look”. The 42 year old who is willing to spend $$$$ every year, year after year, will soon realize that her face is still aging and the cause of her aging face has not been adequately addressed.

A face that is showing signs of age, i.e., wrinkles around the eyes when smiling, droopy eyelids, pouches around the mouth and a loose, double chin and wattle; doesn’t need injections that are just temporary fixes. This face needs youth-enhancing, specialized, isometric facial exercise with resistance.

Facial plastic surgery, another avenue that men and women place a lot of hope, is very iffy, at best. Cutting perfectly healthy tissue requires great precision with a practiced surgeon and even then, the results may not provide the look of youthfulness. The complications and the risks usually far outweigh the results so great care is urged if you choose this avenue of facial rehabilitation.

There is no failure, hurt or harm when you opt for facial exercise to turn back sagging facial muscles and skin – the cause of aging in your face.

Just as exercise works to trim your body and provide better contour, highly specialized facial exercises will provide results to help you look 5, 10, even 15 years younger in just weeks. Proven results of satisfied users demonstrate that foreheads tighten, eyebrows lift, cheeks plump, jowls and pouches diminish and the jaw line greatly defines as the neck and chin improve. It is a facelift using all natural exercise.

No cutting, no drugs or injections, no burning, no sutures. Using just your thumbs and fingers as your “age erasers” your facial features will lift, firm and tighten.

The routine is easy to master; you exercise only a few minutes a day, once a day and results develop almost immediately.

Say goodbye to the old and tired face of yesterday because the New Year can reveal the New You in just days when you choose isometric facial exercise!

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