Golf Clubs Beginner Guide

Don’t know how to choose a Golf Club Complete Sets” Golf Clubs Beginner Guide is just for you! Here you’ll get some tips on what you should draw your attention to before choosing your first golf clubs set.

There are two most important things in golf:

  1. The fist and obvious one – how to choose and buy the right complete golf clubs set.
  2. The second one is to find a good trainer.

When you are starting to learn how to play golf your coach will definitely recommend you to buy a complete golf set as those sets are great for beginners. Golf sets costs less, so purchasing golf clubs and golf bag separately could be very expensive and unreasonable.


Golf Club Complete Sets include:

  • Wood-headed clubs
  • Putters and irons plus hybrid clubs – combined woods and iron.

There should be 14 golf clubs in your bag, make sure you’ve counted them right. Sets are divided into following groups: women’s golf club sets, ladies golf club sets, kids golf club sets, junior golf club sets, men’s golf club sets, etc. Golf sets could be left or right handed as well.


Our tipsĀ how to choose the right golf set.

  • How much will you play” Golf Clubs Beginner Guide tip:

Appraise your interest and time to how much you are willing to spend playing golf – every week, twice a month or once a year. If you’ve made a decision to play from time to time it’s a key to buy not an expensive clubs and balls. Professionals say that buying very expensive first set and balls is not a good idea.

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