How to Get National Amusements Discount Movie Tickets

Are you on the lookout for ways on how you can save on your next movie date with your friends or relatives? Someone people always look for ways on how to save money on almost anything. And there are several ways on how you get discounted movie tickets as well. If you’re heading to National Amusements any time soon, feel free to do one or all of these money-saving tips.

1. Find connections – know someone personally who works in National Amusements? Maybe a friend or a cousin? If you do, you don’t have to worry about paying for tickets because you can get a free pass from them. Granted, you can’t ask for a free pass every time, but who doesn’t like a free pass once in a while?

2. Student discounts – want a more permanent discount? If you are a student, all you have to present is a valid ID proving that you are still studying and you can get discounts on the movies you choose to see. Also if you are seeing a movie on a weekday, you might want to consider seeing it at an earlier time of the day because matinee showings are also cheaper compared to the screenings at night.

3. Local stores and memberships – some movie theaters like National Amusements honor different organizations and they give out discounts to the members. Also if you are near a local store like Costco, you could also check if they are giving away coupons for movie tickets.

4. Product tie-in – there are some movies, especially the ones for kids, that have a product tie-in and all you have to do is purchase a certain amount’s worth of products and you can get either a free movie ticket or great discounts if you buy a number of movie tickets.

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