How to Use Video Marketing to Promote Your Online Business For Free

In this article I’m going to look at making videos for no cost using windows movie maker, getting your videos published and how to use Google to get pictures for free. These topics will follow i.) How to use windows movie maker. ii.) Where to get great pictures for making your video for free. iii.) Publishing your video.

There is a miss conception that all video must be of animated images for it to be successful and that setting up such a video is both very expensive and time consuming. It is in fact possible to create brilliant video using still images and text either before, during or after a clip for no cost at all. Using still images can be very powerful for the reason that the image is there for more time than animated video hence creating a longer lasting impression on the mind this is especially true when using images of an emotional nature. When you see adverts on television requesting for aid in war torn countries or for countries that have experienced a natural disaster they often use these powerful still images for this very reason.

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