Tips for Clearing A Poker Bonus

One thing that poker bonuses have in common is the fact that they all have clearing requirements that you need to meet before you actually own the bonus money. To clear a poker bonus all you need to do is earn loyalty points from playing any real money poker games with the poker site that you decide to play with. We’re going to spend the next few minutes taking a look at a few important tips that you should follow if you want to earn your poker bonus as fast as possible.

The quickest way to clear your bonus is by playing on multiple tables at the same time. Most poker rooms allow you to play over 10+ tables at the same time if you’d like although if you’ve never multi-tabled in the past then I’d recommend only playing four tables at the same time.

Playing cash games is obviously going to be a lot quicker then playing tournaments, but if you’re strictly a tournament player you should continue playing them and not worry about the pace you’re clearing your poker bonus.

Always make sure that you play at the stakes you’re comfortable with because you don’t want to play stakes you’re not comfortable with, as you’ll most likely lose.

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