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Get ready for the new Transformers movie because it is out on DVD. For those of you who saw the new Transformer movie at the theatre, you know how exciting this is! The rest of you have likely heard all the positive reviews about the movie and you are eagerly awaiting its release date as well.

The new Transformers movie is definitely worth seeing if you haven’t, and buying if you have. There is a really good story that sums up the entire process of how the Transformers came to be on Earth and the purpose of both the Autobots and the Decepticons. For those who have never seen the Transformers before, the movie really does a good job of providing them the basic information without boring the rest of us who watched the cartoon in the 80’s.

Remember those thirty minute cartoons that were on weekday afternoons where Megatron and his followers were always stopped from their plans by the leadership of Optimus Prime and his loyal Autobots? If you have been seeing the hype about the new Transformers movie and remember those episodes you should take a look online at the box sets offered

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