The $30 Movie Ticket – Would You Pay?

Variety posted a press release announcing the planned construction of at least 50 new Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas. Featuring some very lavish amenities, including nice seats and upscale food, the ticket price is reported to top out at upwards of $30 to $35! After personally experiencing top-notch service at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas and enjoying a flick in

The Landmark’s “Living Room” couch theaters in LA, I’m wondering whether this price actually seems reasonable or obnoxious? It’s time to open up this discussion to all of you!Village Roadshow is planning to open the first few theaters in suburbs of Chicago and Seattle later this year. “Each complex will sport theaters featuring 40 reclining armchair seats with footrests, digital projection and the capability to screen 2-D and 3-D movies, as well as a lounge and bar serving cocktails and appetizers, a concierge service and valet parking.” In addition, you can order custom meals like sushi and other “theater-friendly foods”, but it will all cost extra. What they don’t mention is what exactly you’ll get if you pay $35 for a ticket – especially if it doesn’t include food.

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