Poker & Slow Playing – The Trick, the Risk, and the Reward

So, you’re sitting down to your favorite game of texas hold’em, and you look down at your hand to see pocket 5’s. You decide to just call the blinds, and you get the last person to act to raise the hand 4X the big blinds.

Well, you know this player fairly well, and you know a raise almost always means two big cards, tens or better. You decide to call the bet, and see what the flop is. And well well… Lo and Behold! The flop is 5 9 3, all different suits. You flopped middle set, a mini monster!

But the only problem is…since your first to act, if you bet, he’ll most likely fold away. So you decide to check. He bets it out half the pot. It’s a weak bet from this guy. You decide to call, and hope he hits his turn card.

The turn comes down…it’s a king, hopefully he likes it.

You check, and he bets 2/3 the pot. Decide to simply call, and see if the river is another King. If so, you will shove all in, hoping he calls. If not, you will make a small bet, and hope he raises.

The river is a Queen, and you decide to bet 10% of the pot. He thinks for a moment, then reraises you half the pot. You take this opportunity, and shove right back. He calls immediately, and shows KQ, top two pair. You can hardly hide your smile as you turn over 55, to show your set.

Your opponent blinks…stunned at what you had, wondering why you never showed strength. You just slowplayed, and took down his stack.

So, we see how powerful slow playing can be…but there are risks to it. As long as you can stick to the following criteria, you can slowplay with confidence.


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