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Altolusso (signifying “high extravagance” in Italian) is a private high rise in Cardiff, Wales. The structure is 72 meters (232 ft) high and has 23 stories. The pinnacle was the tallest private structure in Wales upon its consummation in 2005, and stays probably the tallest structure in Cardiff and in Wales. apartemen

The Y-formed structure contains 292 extravagance one to three-room lofts with sees across the city. A three-story vehicle leave assigned to the property. Altolusso is found near The Hayes region of Cardiff downtown area, close to Cardiff International Arena and Cardiff Queen Street rail route station.[1]


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Truly, the site had been utilized for the creation and capacity of coal gas since 1837; when the Cardiff Gas Light and Coke Co set up their offices in Bute Terrace (earlier known as Whitmore Lane). Most of the structures staying nearby that were annihilated all together for the plan to continue dated from the 1890s for certain minor increases and adjustments during the 1960s and 1990s.



Arranged on the site of the previous New College, the property holds the Victorian façade of the school for the initial two floors.[2] The façade isn’t recorded, however was held in line with Cardiff Council during the arranging application. It had fallen into a helpless condition of fix by 2003, and alterations had been made throughout the long term, (for example, a carport driving through to the back structures). Broad remodel and recreation of the façade was done utilizing stone squares from a portion of the back structures that were wrecked. The façade frames part of the three-story fundamental hall with a glass chamber roof.[3] The plan of the structure shapes a three-leaf clover with three clearing voluptuous wings arising out of a focal help and access center.

The plan planned not simply to upgrade the allure of the turn of events, yet it was important to hold an elevated level of evenness and perfection through the determination and utilization of the structure’s acrylic-based render to give the structure strength and versatility against brutal climate conditions.[4]


The structure is limited toward the north by Bute Terrace, which structures part of the Cardiff internal wholesaler box, toward the south by the principle South Wales Main Line, toward the east by Harlech Court with a vehicle park and four-story place of business on a first floor platform and toward the west by Meridian Gate, some time ago a five-story place of business involved by Axa Insurance. Its 3-4m high Victorian stone work and block holding divider characterizes the southern limit of the site while the dock feeder, a fake water course, passes the south eastern corner.

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