Battery Pack That Wirelessly Charges Several Gadgets At Once


Recently, there was news report about the development of a battery pack that can charge wirelessly many gadgets. Incidentally, this charging kit uses an existing technology with a different approach that is never tested before. This technique is reportedly developed by a company by the name Energous. This company had developed similar energy-efficient devices in the past. It wants to help the users to charge their phones and other devices slowly throughout the day. Since the charging happens wirelessly, the users don’t have to plug the devices to a power source. The battery packs have hit the market recently. Currently, the cost of this highly useful device is same as those for other battery-based chargers available in the market. In this article, we will walk the reader through the salient features of this new charging device to help him make an informed decision on it.

Wirelessly Charging Battery Pack

This device can wirelessly charge several other devices within a 15-feet radius of its transmitter. The company has christened it as WattUp. It uses Bluetooth LE technology to find the device to charge it. This protocol also helps the device to measure the device distances so that it can send the power efficiently. According to the laws of charge transmission, the charging is faster if the device is nearby. Alternatively, the charging of a farther device will become slow, as the charges need time to travel the distance. The speed with which a device gets charged also depends upon the number of devices being charged off from a single transmitter. On long charging, the device does not get heated up easily unlike other power banks that get heated up slowly.

Uses of the Device

This functionality can easily be built directly into a phone, a wireless speaker, or any other chargeable device that continuously consumes power. But building of such a device will take time. Currently, users have to put their phones into a WattUp-enabled battery pack to charge them. The users don’t need to have a dedicated power supply for charging a device. With one power source, they can charge multiple devices within 15 feet radius. However, the device needs to get charged continuously when in use. The device can also be used as power bank for other devices. For this purpose, the company has built into the device a high-capacity capacitor that can hold charge for a longer time period.

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