How To Charge Top Dollar For Your Cleaning Service

It’s important to charge enough for your services without charging too much that people won’t want to sign up with you. Ultimately, you should charge based on a combination of what your competition charges, what your cost is, and what you think you’re worth.

The first and most important thing to do when deciding what to charge is to evaluate your cost. Start by evaluating how much you actually spend to be available for cleaning services. Include things like products, gas, and time in your calculation. If you calculate your cost based on these items alone, you can take your total cost and divide it by the total number of hours you work a week. Although a raw number, it can give you a good base on figuring out what to charge.

You then need to evaluate the competition to see what they are charging. Although you can’t always ask a homeowner who cleans their house and what they charge, you can always feel free to call up any competitor and get a quote from them. Simply get their number, dial and pretend to be interested in hiring them as your housecleaning service. After gathering their rate information, compare their cost with the figure you calculated earlier and you can begin to get a better idea of what you should be charging.

After getting a good idea of what you should charge, look to create margin. If you only charge what your competition is charging, will you be able to support yourself? Most retail stores automatically mark up the products they sell by a minimum of about 100% depending on the industry. If you only mark up the cost of gas and cleaning products by 100% then add that to your fee, you could be making quite a bit of extra cash for your housecleaning business.

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