The Benefits That Plastic Bar Glasses Can Offer a Business

If you run a bar, restaurant, or any other type of catering based business that serves drinks, you would be surprised at the variety and types of glass you can get in plastic form. Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, they also offer an opportunity for a bar to add a little touch of uniqueness and atmosphere that only having conventional glasses may not offer. However, the use of plastic glasses is more suited to bar businesses that serve a younger customer, as it is unlikely that colored plastic glasses would go down well with more high class drinking establishments!

For bars or clubs that serve those in their twenties, plastic glasses can even improve sales, with plastic shot glasses being especially popular with nightclubs. These types of glass can be branded with images or writing, allowing them to be used for themed nights such as retro nights and Christmas dos. You can even get martini glasses in plastic form that are constructed from two pieces – attach the bottom stem to the top cone and you have a disposable container that is suited to outdoor events or beer gardens.

There are actually a few materials that plastic glasses can be made of, with the slightly more expensive versions being made of polycarbonate which is ridiculously hard to break, making these glasses ideal for more chaotic environments. Of course, plastic glasses should never be used to replace real glasses in a bar, but they are ideal for the really busy periods where the glass washer cannot quite keep up with the surge of customers. Ideal for busy nightclub dance floors where real glass is not allowed on in many countries, and busy concerts and festivals such as Glastonbury, plastic glasses have many more uses than you would initially expect.

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