Plastic Surgery – Can It Help You Keep Your Job Or Get A Job?

Plastic surgery is often thought of as being a luxury provided to the wealthy. In fact, the vast majority of people seeking out plastic surgery are members of the middle-class. In most cases, plastic surgery is not about vanity, but rather, it is about freshening up one’s appearance so that the external appearance looks more like the individual feels inside!

The recent recession has resulted in massive job loss that more than a year after the recession officially ended has still not recovered. In Sacramento, CA, where my plastic surgery practice is, we are dealing with 12.1 % unemployment and this has affected individuals across the economic spectrum from entry-level to highly paid managers and executives. Many of these people are particularly vulnerable because they are… older. Not senile, not old enough to retire by any means,but old enough where potential employers are wondering whether they still have their youthful energy and enthusiasm; whether they are current and on top of what’s going on in their fields.

Unfortunately, one of the main ways that people make these kinds of decisions about energy, knowledge and ability is through our physical appearances. In American culture, youth is king! Look at the most sought after demographic for television–18 to 34 is the age group most valued because they are seen as the movers and shakers. Once people are in their forties they are considered to be starting over the hill. Especially in today’s technocentric economy, being older equates to being less computer literate, a lack of drive and creativity. In comparison, youth is associated with drive, new ideas, creativity and endless energy. This creates a significant problem for the aging worker in our society. Despite his or her appearance, creativity and savvy, an aging employee is likely judged simply by appearance and possibly thought to be out of touch. This is when a few minor adjustments may be in order. This is where plastic surgery may be the edge you need!

Today’s advanced plastic surgery procedures can make a dramatic difference in the way you are perceived, particularly by people who are using your physical appearance as a factor in hiring or firing. At the same time, today’s advanced plastic surgery procedures, if performed by an ethical Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will not leave you looking like someone who’s “had plastic surgery.” Maybe a little eye lift or brow lift to make you look less tired, a face lift or mini lift that takes 10 to 15 years off your appearance, or a combination of procedures such as a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift (also known as a “mommy makeover”) that makes you appear more fit and youthful!

These little nip/tuck procedures are not only for women! Men may find that a little face rejuvenation, or even a Vaser Hi Def liposculpture of the abs to create a “6-pack” may make you appear more dynamic and aggressive at work!

This reminds me of one of my recent patients who was a successful executive in a large corporation that was downsized. The reason he came in was his friends and family asked him repeatedly if he was tired. This was because he had skin hanging over his upper lids and bags under his lower lids. The eyelid surgery took 10 years off in one morning. After his surgery he was more confident and looked a lot younger. This gave him a competitive advantage over other jobseekers his age and set him on a level playing field with younger applicants.

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