Learn French Online the Coulant (Fluent) Way!

“Parlez-vous le Francais?” (Do you speak French?) If French language is beyond your comprehension, it would be difficult for you to answer this question and would perhaps exclaim the words, “English please” in your most discomfit and embarrassing tone.

A language barrier is one of the most complicated and challenging means of communicating. It is still considered a form of communication as two or more entities try to converse in a manner that will get them into the very gist of what they’re talking about. However, you shouldn’t let this language barrier get in the way of you communicating efficiently. This is precisely the reason why there are loads of language courses offered on the net. But if you want to answer “Parlez-vous le Francais?” in French, then you better give these language programs a shot.

If you want to learn French online, and learn it for free, here’s a crib sheet of information that will get you speaking French:

1. Browse the net and look for free French language websites
If you really want to learn French online, then you have to look for every possible free site that you will get to encounter. Specifically look for those sites that likewise offer audio clips and instructional videos. Doing so allows you to learn the language easily, teach you how words are correctly pronounced, and lets you discover how French words are uttered with an accent. And all these you will learn in the least possible time.

2. The help of online phrasebooks
In learning a new language, it is salient that you predominantly acquaint yourself of single words and phrases that is of common use. Take for instance the word “Bonjour!” which means “Hello”; “Comment allez-vous?” or “What’s your name”, and “Dites Merci” or “Thank you.”

3. Look for online free translation services
If you can’t find a person to converse with, it will help a great deal to take advantage of your free online resources. There are many translation services online and all you have to do is key-in words or phrases in English and let the database translate the words in French.

As a final point, when you feel as if you aren’t improving, don’t fret! If you want to learn French online, you must have the willingness to do whatever it takes to finally get you talking the French way. When the going gets tough, make Rocket French your French buddy. Soon, you’ll get to answer “Parlez-vous le Francais?” with “Oui, je parle le francais coulant!” (Yes, I s

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