7 Ways to Detect Fraud Online

Scams are running rampant on the Web today. Everywhere you look, there is someone trying to stick their hands in your wallet. These days, many people are trying to get some extra padding in their wallet by finding ways to make money online. With the crowds of people searching the internet for ways to make money, it provides scammers the perfect opportunity to do what they do best.

These scams come in many forms, whether it be “free money” or programs that say they’ll guarantee you can make $534,892 this year. If you want to make money online, you’ll first need to know how to detect and avoid these scams. Here are 7 ways to detect a scam:

1. Free Money
Do you really think that someone is just going to hand over a wad of cash just like that? There’s always a catch or a greedy “business” person waiting to empty your pockets. If a company or person ever offers you free money, they are typically just trying to get your information, such as your account number.

2. Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
These programs have become far too common in the past years, and make it fairly easy to detect scams. These scams involve telling visitors that they will make some crazy amount of money in a short period of time. These programs promise quick riches and are just a waste of both money and time.

3. Read the Fine Print
Yes, I understand that reading pages of the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions isn’t the most thrilling thing to do, but it will help you to easily detect a scam. You don’t have to read it word for word-you can just skim over it and see if anything looks fishy to you..

4. Google It
Ah, Google-gotta’ love it. If you even have to think if it’s a scam, do a simple Google search and you will quickly find out. End your search term with the word “scam” and look through some of the listings. You may be surprised how many people they have scammed in the past.

5. If it Sounds Too Good To Be True…
…it typically is. I know, they get your hopes up with empty promises of fast cash, yachts, mansions, and fancy cars, but if getting rich was this easy, don’t you think that everyone would be getting their fair share?

6. Websites with “Hook” Words
Ever hear a business say that they have the “secret” to making money online? This word is everywhere-do you know why? It’s because it attracts visitors because they think that after they buy this product or program, they will have the top secret information on how to make money online. What they don’t think about, is that tons of people purchase this “secret” every day. Not so “exclusive” now is it? I call these words hook words because they work by luring you in and hooking you in. Here are the hook words and phrases that help you detect a scam:

Make $XX,XXX in X Days
and so on…

7. When You Have to Pay for Something that Should be Free
Unfortunately, I have ended up paying for many things that should have been free. These things include e-books, affiliate programs, and information that I could have easily found on the internet for free. My advice would be to stay away from e-books and affiliate programs that you have to pay for. All of this information and these programs can be found for free somewhere else. There are thousands of websites charging you for their “secret” software or programs, with promises of quick riches.

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