8 Effective Tips For Shinier Hair

No one should be surprised by the fact that one of the biggest complaints women have concerning hair care focuses on the lack of shinier hair. When one considers the massive amount of time that we spend engaged in washing, coloring, drying and styling our hair even over a year, never mind considering a lifetime, it is amazing that we have any hair at all. Our hair endures more strain and stress than perhaps any other part of the body.

Thankfully there are a number of things that we can do to have shinier hair and also look healthier at the same time. So if you really do want to sport shinier hair that is the envy of all your friends, then the “8 Effective Tips For Shinier Hair” that follow will help you attain this goal.

Tip 1: Avoid Using Brushes Or Elastic Bands

Many females have a tendency to pull their wet hair into a ponytail when it is wet. This is very hard on your hair since when wet, hair has a much greater ability to stretch than when dry. By stretching the damp hair into a ponytail it is prevented from normally contracting as it dries which may lead to follicle damage. Brushing wet hair may lead to a similar situation, although not as serious. Tugging on the wet hair causes it to stretch beyond normal limits and many lead to damage when it contracts as it dries. In fact most stylists recommend using a comb on wet hair, never a brush if you want shinier looking hair.

Tip 2: Dangers Of Alcohol

Many styling products contain alcohol (not the type found in drinks) in their chemical composition. One of alcohol’s side-effects is to steal moisture as it dries, thus robbing your hair of its natural shine. Mousses for example often contain high concentrations of alcohol and can undermine any shine that you may normally have. Stylists are now recommending styling creams containing an ingredient called dimethicone to help create shinier hair.

Tip 3: Using The Correct Tools

Styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons are considered basic necessities, however if used incorrectly they will damage your hair. Unfortunately when faced with the need for smoothing rough cuticles, heat is necessary to physicians them. To avoid the possibility of this kind of damage the tools of choice are now those made using ceramics know in the marketplace as “ionic ceramic tools”. The benefit of the ceramic materials is that they conduct and maintain a constant source of heat making them more effective plus the added benefit of infusing the scalp with negative ions which are known to product shinier hair with regular use.

Tip 4: Use Heat Protectors

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