Top Ten Mini Laptops

Our latest Top Ten Mini Laptops as of May 2009. Once again we’ve trawled through dozens of our own and other peoples reviews and tried out the models and drawn our conclusions. We’ve based our results on practicality, functionality, cost and looks.

This month has seen the departure SheSpeaks of several models from our Top Ten Mini Laptops rankings, as newer models come out. These include:

Dell Inspiron Mini 9

The original Dell netbook whilst small and compact was a compromised netbook, lacking the function keys, offering limited battery life, colour choice and storage and so it has exited our Top Ten Mini Laptops rankings this month. However, the new larger Inspiron Mini 10 solves some of these problems. We’ve yet to review it, but on the face of it they’ve sorted out the keyboard, which is incidentally quite large and some other problems.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 remains very good value on a Vodafone contract however, from around £20 per month. Consider separating the bundle and buying an Inspiron Mini 9 and USB modem contract separately and you would be spending around £30 more in total. Definetly worth a look…

Asus Eee PC 1000

Asus introduced the Eee PC 1000 after MSI brought out the first 10 inch netbook, the MSI Wind. With it’s brother, the Eee PC 901 they introduced a whole range of new features to the successful Eee PC range including large 6-cell batteries as standard and the now industry standard Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270 processor.

However, as larger brands have put together there netbook offerings, the big Asus netbook has slid down the tables. Asus have updated the model bringing out the Asus Eee PC 1000H, Eee PC1002HA and gorgeous variant – the Eee PC S101.

MSI Wind

The MSI Wind although loved by some has exited our rankings for two simple reasons. Firstly, there are now bigger brands with better products such as the Samsung NC10. Secondly, even if you did want to buy an MSI Wind you’d be wasting your money buying one. Why? Because you can buy an Advent 4211 instead! It’s the same computer, with different logos, but about £50 cheaper depending on where you buy. Even then, you’d be losing out. The new LG X110 is not in fact that new – it’s a restyled version of the MSI Wind which looks quite attractive. It also comes with 3G embedded.

So here we arrive at the Top Ten Mini Laptops Rankings… starting at the bottom:

#10 – Asus Eee PC 701

The first netbook unveiled by Asus at COMPUTEX Taipei in 2007, which kicked off this entire industry trend, has once again reappeared in our rankings. Yes, it isn’t as powerful as newer models, yes it does have a smaller screen and yes it does cost up to half the price of the newer models. True to its netbook routes, it is still one of the smallest, cheapest and lightest netbook.

If you were considering going for a budget mini laptop (fair enough during harsh economic times!) there are some unbranded models. But it’s always worth buying branded particularly with computers since you can take advantage of the after sales support network. For what it is, the Asus Eee PC 701 is still a bargain!

Overall: 2 stars – previous ranking February 09: Back in the Top Ten Mini Laptops rankings!


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