I’ll Run Again In Heaven – Part 3

This is an excerpt from a chapter in my

fat bike elettrica . When I wrote this it brought back memories. A person forgets many things throughout the course of their life. This ebook and chapter shook some cobwebs for me. If you’d like to read more go to my website.

In high school, college, and into my thirties I was an excellent athlete. My brother and I could play any sport with ease. I’m not bragging but we were usually among the best players in whatever sport we tried. In January of 1982 when I started managing my first racquet club I knew what racquetball was but I played very sporadically and I wasn’t very good. I decided in January of 1984 that if I was going to manage this club I should be a better racquetball player. I taught myself how to play by watching good players and playing an hour per day.

I also decided I had become too fat and something needed to be done! Between January of 1984 and May of 1984 I lost 30 pounds in what has become the yo yo diet of all time. I’ve gained and lost that same 20-30 pounds about 8 times. The only problem with my multiple sclerosis now is that I can’t burn the calories like I once could. Anyway, by the summer of 1984 I was playing A-level racquetball. When I left the clubs in 1987 I was a low level open player (open is the highest level). I also started jogging and riding my bicycle in 1985. I would run 2 miles per day. A friend and I could be seen easily biking 20 miles on the country roads by Mankato in the spring and summer. The highlight for me was bicycling the 60 mile race at the Jesse James Day Celebration at Northfield in 1985. I remember telling my friend that if it was real hot I wouldn’t be able to ride the 60 miles because of my asthma. In hindsight, I probably had heat problems from my MS when I biked and the usual uncomfortable feelings. The day of the race it was warm but there was a good breeze blowing so I was able to bike the 60 miles and complete on of my athletic challenges. If it was winter I could be seen riding an exercise bike for an hour everyday.

After moving to Minneapolis in ’87 I really got into running and in the spring of 1988 I was running 5 miles per day. Because of my asthma I never thought I could run that far but by pacing myself and running through the streets of Minneapolis I proved to myself that I could do it! Then in the summer of 1988 I ran an 8k at the Grand Old Days celebration in St. Paul, Minnesota. I ran the 8k in 36.5 minutes or an average of 7:30 minute miles. I was very proud of myself to just finish let alone what I thought was a pretty good time for an asthmatic. I would continue running up to 1991 when I kept pulling a muscle in my right calf. I would rest it 3 or 4 days but the first time out running again I would pull the muscle again. I did that about four times. It wasn’t long after that I got diagnosed with my MS and decided I should retire from running.

I had started golfing with a girlfriend in 1988 and by 1990. I was playing seriously and was slowly teaching myself how to play well. I was a double bogey golfer when I was diagnosed in 1991. I would have a good round once in a while which would keep me coming back to the golf courses. The
reason I tell you all this is because I was a good athlete, very coordinated and had good dexterity. This has all changed in the past 16 years and it’s really changed in the past 2 years.

I’m 49 now and my MS has gotten worse in the past year. Sometimes I forget how much I biked and ran. I also forget how I good of shape I was in in 1988. In contrast I now ride my electric scooter 90% of the time and in my apartment I use a walker to help me with my walking and balance. Stay tuned to more MS related thoughts.

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