Is Banjo the Best New Social Media App?

This time of year – South by Southwest time – is always a big time for finding out about hot new apps you’ve never heard of and trying to make predictions about the future of social media. With the growing presence of the Banjo app, though, there is definitely a lot to look forward to on the social media spectrum.

What Is Banjo?

Banjo is an interesting new social media and news/trending hybrid application that allows users to see what other people are saying about given topics or events in real time banjos food. Using their existing social network connections, users can see what everyone they’re connected to are saying about given events or places, or they can run searches for specifics and see what the worldwide social media community has to say about it.

So let’s say you couldn’t make it to, say, Brazil for the World Cup. By doing a search for something like “world cup Brazil,” you can see what people around the world have been tweeting and posting and adding to Instagram (etc.) about that subject. Maybe it’s not quite as good as actually being there, but rather than sitting in the dark, wondering what could have been as you watch the matches in an empty sports bar, you can get a real feel for the action reading what the people who are really there are saying.

This all may sound kind of boring, but honestly this is a really cool idea that’s attempting to connect people all over the world to things they’re interested in. And this even includes breaking news events. Rather than waiting until your favorite news outlet can cover something you’ve heard about, you can see what people who were involved are saying, which is very interesting indeed. This could probably get a little emotional for tragic news, but it will certainly give you a real feel for what’s going on.

Marketing on Banjo

On the marketing side (can’t go a post without mentioning this angle!) there are cool opportunities, too. Banjo sells enterprise-level versions of their app to media companies so they can then broadcast the news and updates that are relevant to their markets, allowing them to kind of control what people interested in them get exposure to. And you can bet that there will be self-promotion all over that!

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