J.O.I.N. gives material needs to low salary families in Franklin County and capacities under Catholic Charities of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus. Dich vu tham 

The Joint Organization for Inner-City Needs, was honored in 2007 to move to its present office on East Main Street. The current office gives expanded area, better security, bigger bathroom offices, an open to holding up territory.

J.O.I.N. likewise reacts to calls from network associations additionally serving less blessed neighbors: men, ladies and youngsters out of luck.

Most J.O.I.N. customers get or are anticipating government help.

Some are drifters.

Others are youngsters and guardians whose assets have been exhausted.

Most have no place else to turn.

The J.O.I.N. staff serves two significant capacities:

Assembles data with respect to customers and their needs; and/or

Makes referrals to network offices who aid the anticipation of rehash emergencies.

MONDAY-THURSDAY 10:00am-11:30am and 1pm-2pm

Call 614-241-2530 or 614-241-2531, arrangement required

Despite the fact that J.O.I.N. is restricted on some help as of now, we have durable food, individual hygeine and family items accessible to neighbors with those requirements, just as different sorts of help. Call to check whether we can address your issue.

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