Life as a professional sports gambler: Necessary qualities & abilities

We looked at the cons of life as a professional sports gambler in our previous article in this series. This article might well have put you off the idea completely if you’ve been dreaming about making sports betting a full-time work. This isn’t a negative thing at all, and that’s exactly why we wrote that post. Without being fully aware of the possible downsides involved, we wouldn’t want someone to take such a major risk.However, if you are still considering a sports betting career, you need to read this article as well. Regardless of how much you like to make a gain from betting on sports, if you don’t have what it takes, it’s sadly nothing more than a pipe dream. It’s far from straightforward to make it as a professional sports gambler, and there are many demands that you do need to fulfil. There are certain talents and traits, in particular, that you absolutely need to have. We have listed these below, and outlined why they are so relevant to each one.

A Long-term View

If you want to take full-time sports betting as a way to get rich fast, then for the completely wrong reasons, you do it. Often, you are almost likely to be very disappointed. Of course, not everyone has the same idea of what’s rich, but the truth is that sports betting is not a good way to rapidly make a lot of money.To have a good career in sports betting, you should always concentrate mainly on the long term. You should have a strategy in place that lays out what you are trying to accomplish, and over time, your priorities should concentrate on creating a stable and secure income. Then everything you do should be directed toward achieving your objectives.This is not to imply that, as it does, the short term does not matter at all, and nothing is directly wrong with trying to make as much money as you can possibly in any given day or week. However, to do this, you don’t want to take needless risks, which is why it is important to still think about your overall long-term objectives.

Getting patience

This is related quite similarly to the point above. Patience is a ยูฟ่าเบท critical trait for a sports bettor, since a lack of it suggests that when you need to, you are much less likely to make sound decisions. This can contribute to errors, which obviously lead to losses. If you’re good enough, you can accomplish your objectives, so you don’t need to hurry anything. Staying vigilant and waiting for the right betting opportunities is still the best strategy.

A safe bankroll

This may not be listed as either a talent or an attribute, but it is an important necessity in our opinion, so it has to be worth noting. Before you can even think about taking up sports betting as a full time task, you completely need to make sure that you are fully sponsored. You must have a bankroll that is big enough to cover a long losing streak, while also allowing you to bet on stakes that are high enough to make your target income available to you.In addition to your betting bankroll, you could also probably have saved up living expenses for a few months. Even the world’s best sports bettors will go through long stretches without making a profit, and if you’re not getting the requisite wins, you don’t want to have to “borrow” from your bankroll just to survive. You probably don’t want the added burden of winning a set of bets just to pay the bills.

Awareness in Solid Sports

It is not a guarantee that you will be good with strong sports expertise, and it is not enough by itself either. Obviously, it’s something you need, though. For any single sport you bet on, you don’t have to be a bona fide specialist, but you really should aspire to have better than basic knowledge. Ideally, at least one or two sports that you are very familiar about should be accessible.

Strong Skills in Math

In sports betting, math plays a huge role, so you must have an understanding of basic mathematical concepts. When needed, you should be able to do reasonably fast calculations and comprehend the concepts of probability and value. This isn’t to say that you have to be an absolute math genius, but if you’re still struggling with it, you’ve got to wonder if professional sports betting is for you.

Discipline & Motivation

The freedom to pick your own hours and not having a supervisor to report to were two of the benefits we listed in our article on the pros of life as a professional sports bettor. While these are undoubtedly appealing advantages, it is important to remember that they also suggest that you need to be driven and disciplined.It’s all very well to be able to determine your own schedule and not to be told by someone what to do and when to do it, but you still have to put in the hours. If you don’t devote the time and money you need, then you have absolutely no ability to do it. There are likely to be several days when you don’t really feel like working, and you’ll have the privilege of not having to work sometimes. However, there will be times when you do need to do some job, irrespective of whether or not you want to.If you’ve never worked for yourself, or without any sort of control, then you may be shocked at how difficult it can often be to motivate yourself. You just need to have your objectives in mind and have the discipline to do what is required when it is necessary. As simple as you think this could be, from time to time it’s almost likely to be something you find challenging.

Emotional Control

Emotions have no place, or at least not when working, in the psyche of a professional sports gambler. When you are tempted to gamble with your heart rather than your brain, there will well be moments, but this is something you must try to prevent. You should base every single decision you make on logical thought and nothing else.There are all sorts of feelings that can impact the process of decision-making, and you need to learn to place them on one side and remain focused on the task. Again, this is something in principle that sounds clearer than it really is in reality. It’s an ability you can learn, but if you’re the kind of person who tends to let their emotions get the best of them, that’s not easy to do.


There will be times where nothing goes your way, no matter how smart you are, and you will not get all of your predictions right. Sports competitions are unpredictable though, so you have to assume that when a result is unexpected, there will be times. When many such occasions all occur in fast succession, it’s hard to take, but that’s the essence of sports.A poor run, in any case, doesn’t have to be something to think too much about. Providing that you make sound choices, it will finally come to an end for the right reasons. In the long run, a sound betting strategy can always win. The issue, though, is that during a bad run, many bettors lose confidence in their strategies. They’re looking for things to change that don’t need to change, and this can make it fall apart.

This is why it is so necessary to self-believe. Even when things don’t turn out as expected, you have to keep trusting that you are doing the right things and have the courage to stick to your plans. As tough as this might be, in the end, it should pay off.However, there is a provision for this; too much self-belief may be just as dangerous as a lack of self-belief, if not more so. Even if you really feel you are making good bets, it is important to be trusting in yourself, this confidence can only stretch so far. If it seems like your tactics might no longer work for any reason, or simply because they were not because successful in the first place, you still have to be able to acknowledge it.Obviously, the challenge here is knowing when to believe in yourself and when to begin to doubt whether you are really doing the right things. This is not something that can be taught, sadly, and it’s a prime example of why professional sports gambling is not a convenient path to untold wealth. It is definitely possible to achieve, but it is most definitely not without its obstacles.

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