Auto Parts

Electrical motor advancements are increasingly being pursued to generate these powerplants useful

As either the key motive power or as Section of a hybrid method mated using an internal combustion engine. In hybrid variations, The inner combustion engine could be Employed in any of three ways: as part of a building process to demand the batteries; as an auxiliary to the electrical motor giving added electrical power when necessary along with recharging the batteries; or as the main used auto parts motive drive even though the batteries are used to electricity all other devices from the car, lessening needs on The interior combustion motor.A lot of R&D energy by both equally the vehicle manufactures and motor suppliers is staying devoted to refining the diesel engine. Diesel may wind up being the most beneficial Resolution to an productive, affordable and eco-friendly powertrain. The diesel engine suffers from a detrimental graphic. It is actually thought to be noisy, filthy, tough to get started on, and highly-priced. Research, as reported in a May perhaps 2004 report in Motor journal, has largely resolved these issues but ongoing R&D among the diesel motor builders and gasoline program suppliers is centered on improved engine management units, common rail gas units, direct injection, superior tension injectors, numerous spray designs, turbocharging, particulate filters, and new biomass fuels.

Gasoline cells are regarded as the next revolution in automotive powertrains

Gas cells convert hydrogen and oxygen through the use of electrochemical gadgets. These types of techniques are inherently clear in that water is their by-product. Study into the event of feasible gas mobile vehicles (FCVs) is directed at lowering the price of fuel cells, strengthening their effectiveness, and establishing efficient and efficient ways to provide and retailer hydrogen and other fuels. The trouble is spearheaded by Independence-Car or truck, a cooperate venture concerning the U.S. Office of Power (DOE) along with the U.S. Council for Automotive Investigate junkyards near me (USCAR), and CaFCP, the California Fuel Mobile Partnership shaped to really encourage personal companies and govt companies to operate alongside one another to move FCVs toward commercialization.A major emphasis from the early many years of the 20-1st century was to generate automobiles additional environmentally appropriate by minimizing exhaust emissions and improving gas mileage. This has bundled not merely refining the venerable interior combustion engine but in search of substitute fuels and powertrains in addition, like hybrid, all-electric, and fuel cell techniques.

Considering that automobile sections suppliers respond to the requires and requires

Of the automotive field as dictated by world wide marketplaces, supplier developments are a immediate reflection with the components figuring out the course on the field overall. These traits can be summarized as:The blurring of the road concerning cars and vans as truck-like automobiles grow to be ever more well-known.The drive to create vehicles a lot more environmentally friendly by cleaning their emissions, creating them extra recyclable and lighter, and eliminating their consumption of non-renewable sources.The hassle to produce automobiles as Harmless as you possibly can by strengthening their crash avoidance abilities, crash worthiness, and occupant protection.In just Every of those tendencies, the driving pressure would be the continuing application of Superior technologies, notably the continuing enhance of mobile As well as in-car or truck electronics, expected to increase to $nine.six billion in 2007, a rise of more than 11 per cent; automotive-quality semiconductors, encountering year-on-year advancement of 10 per cent, reaching $18 billion in 2007; and automotive telematics and navigation, also anticipated to own powerful progress in many entire world areas, generating about $38.three billion in revenues by 2011. These types of products and/or their parts will originate from car components suppliers.


Top Sports Shoe Brands Of Today

Sports shoes today are not only used during athletic events. There are people who like to use their sports footwear as everyday casual footwear. This is the reason why we see so many different types of sports footwear in the market today.

Although there are countless numbers of brands offering sports footwear, only branded sports footwear have the greatest appeal in the consumer market. There are so many good brands of sports footwear available today. These branded sports footwear are not only comfortable and snug, they also give you a style. Branded sports shoes can be expensive, but the price of these footwear is often worth it.

The most renowned brands for sports shoes

Here is a list of top brands of sports shoes:


    • Nike – This is an American sports brand. This brand has been known for high quality. Different types of Nike shoes are used by the well-known sportsmen of different counties. This adds to the appeal of Nike shoes.


    • Adidas – Adidas is another popular sports footwear brand from Germany. Founded in 1948, Adidas is also used by countless athletes. The shoes are trademarked by three stripes.


    • Reebok – Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas. This particular brand of Adidas was launched in UK and Europe. It is now well-known brand all over the world.


    • Puma – This sports footwear company emerged from a small shoe factory in one of Germany’s village. Now, it has conquered the world and people from around the world are buying footwear from Puma.


    • Converse – This shoe company produced the first basketball shoes. The most popular style of Converse is the Chuck Taylor All Star model which is loved by basketball players of different parts of the world. Chuck Taylor represents the Converse brand.


    • K-Swiss – This shoe company was founded by two Swiss brothers. They were inspired by their interest in tennis. This company introduced the first leather tennis footwear. Shoes from K-Swiss are comfortable and stylish.


    • Fila – Fila is a fashion sports shoes from Italy. This company was founded in the year 1926 in Italy. The company represents style and fashion in sports industry.


    • New Balance – New Balance has been giving tough competitions to sports shoe brands like Nike, Adidas. The company has made its mark by introducing technical innovations in sports shoe industry. New Balance shoes are made by using latest technologies. The company offers a great selection of sizes, heel counters and gel inserts.


    • Asics -Asics is a Japanese sports shoe brand. This brand has become more popular for running footwear. Running shoes from Asics are very effective. It lets runners give the best performance in a running competition.


  • Hi-Tec – Hi-Tech is another leading brand for sports shoes from the UK. This company is known for the top quality hiking footwear. The best thing about Hi-Tec is that its hiking footwear are affordable for people with limited budget. The company gives comfortable footwear at reasonable prices.

The Five Benefits of Pain Management With Tuina Massage

Looking for a way to get rid of those aches and pains and push that stress out of your body? Tui Na may be the answer you are looking for. Tui Na is a Chinese massage treatment that works by balancing the energy in your body. This will leave you feeling positive both on the inside and out.

1. It is all natural – if you are suffering from pain or feeling run down, you most likely take medication, tuin10 including caffeine to boost your mood and your body. With Tui Na, you are not putting even more chemicals or pain killers into your body. Instead, you are massaging out the toxins and increasing the positive energy flow within. This system is all natural (and you don’t have to spend a fortune at the pharmacy on Ibuprofen).

2. It lasts – the treatment has the power to last a long time. Although many people will get regular treatments with massage, they will be able to feel the difference right away and for a long time more so with this type of therapy. Talk to your local doctor about your condition as everyone is different and thus, every type of treatment is different. A good practitioner will tailor the treatment according to your constitution.

3. It can be relaxing – there is nothing better than getting a massage. Essentially,it is a form of medical massage. It relaxes the muscles while working away the kinks and cramps through rubbing, rolling, kneading, pressing and patting. However, all of this is done with intention and care so you should feel no pain, although certain spots may be uncomfortable, this will not last. You will leave the session feeling as refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Increase blood flow and more – mainly this type of combined Chinese therapy works by increasing the blood flow and the other systems in your body, ensuring the positive energy is balanced.


Spa Salon Services

Have you been swamped by work lately? Do you feel like there’s stress building up in your shoulders? Spa salon services are a great way to rejuvenate your body and soul. At a professional spa salon service company there is a plethora of relief treatments that start from the toes go all the way to your scalp.

There are several little treats that you can give to you hands and feet. Manicures and pedicures improve circulation and flexibility. They include a hand soak, cuticle care, exfoliation, nail shaping, message, and polish. Tropical spa manicures and pedicures are rejuvenating healing hand treatments that use only natural plant ingredients from the tropics to improve condition of the nails, cuticles, and hands. They are combined with a professional hand massage with a gentle exfoliating masque. Of course manicures and pedicures are not complete without beautiful nail design, with that you can designate a polish change, French polish, or if you’re feeling a little spontaneous, a unique nail art design.

When you think of spa salon, the first thing that pops into your head is always the relaxing massages they offer. Whether you are a mother to be or just had a long day from work, professional spa salon specialists customize each treatment to services-aqua fit the client’s individual needs with all natural flower and plant essences. A 60-minute Swedish massage can relax the muscles and the mind. Swedish massages manipulates the bodies tissue to improve flexibility, reduce heat rate, and lower the blood pressure. Add a deep tissue, hot stone, or trigger point therapy to reach deep down into the tissues where tension may lie and revitalize the area of muscle tissue that may have been causing discomfort to the body.

Besides the comforting idea of a massage, a customized facial is also a great way to relax the body and rejuvenate your facial skin. The specialized treatment is designed to return your skin to the natural state that it was in with a renewing exfoliation and facial massage, leaving your face feeling soft and supple. Other add ons include an enbrightenment facial which fades the dark spots on your skin, green science rejuvenating facial, outer peace acne relief that treats and prevents future blemishes, enzyme treatment, and a glycolic peel that reduces the appearances of wrinkles. They also offer an essential back boost that renews your skin in hard to reach areas.

A complete body wrap is a great way to renew your entire body with therapeutic and exfoliating ingredients that refine your body. You will receive personalized treatment with the help of a trained spa salon specialist that guarantees your body an aromatic glow. You can choose from aqua polish, Caribbean therapy wrap, and rosemary mint awakening wrap that soothes muscle tension and revives energy.

Many people often forget that at a spa salon, they offer more than just massages or hand and foot treatments. They also offer completing accessories for your big day. Professional relaxation artists will pamper you from your toes to the head while you let all of your worries go.

Spa Rale


After an initial false alarm, it’s really happening

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia secretary of state certifies election results that show state’s voters chose Joe Biden for president.THE NATIONAL INTEREST
There Was a Second Pro-Trump Conspiracy Hearing Thursday We Didn’t Even Notice
Trump has forgotten about his miracle drug, but Ron Johnson hasn’t.
There is no sign that any of the president’s harebrained election schemes will actually work

Numerous Michigan Republicans Trish Correspondents believe their top two legislative leaders are visiting the White House as a courtesy but have no plans to intervene in the certification of results by the state canvassing board on Monday.
He can say it as often as he likes

From the White House podium @realDonaldTrump declares falsely (again) that he won the election against @JoeBiden

What Trump’s Coup and America’s First Coup Have in Common
In 1898, conservative whites overthrew the multiracial government of Wilmington, North Carolina.
Maybe wait until the vaccine?

Inbox: Gov. Andrew Cuomo will receive an international Emmy award, “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and his masterful use of television to inform and calm people around the world.”

Trump’s Hold on the GOP Rank and File Continues to Be Amazing
He convinced millions to vote in person, then convinced millions more than the partisan split in voting methods he engineered proves massive fraud.

Geraldo Says the Coronavirus Vaccines Should Be Named After Trump
As a little going-away present for the embattled president.
Another senator tests positive

After several negative tests, I learned I was positive for COVID-19 this AM. I’m feeling good & experiencing very mild symptoms. I’ll be working from home until it’s safe for me to return to DC. I remind everyone to be careful & do the right things to protect yourselves & others.

The QAnon Congresswoman Is the Perfect Republican
Marjorie Taylor Greene wasn’t elected to pass laws — she was elected to perform right-wing paranoia.

Trump Fraud Inquiries Now Include Tax Write-offs Involving Ivanka: Report
New York authorities subpoenaed the president’s business for records concerning his eldest daughter.

Trump Planned to Break the Census, Just Not This Way
The Trump administration’s plan to speed up the census and suppress the undocumented is expected to delay the process until after Biden is in office.

Perdue Hit With More Allegations of Shady Stock Transactions
He bought stock in a submarine company, helped it out in the Senate, then made a windfall. And the news comes as he fights for his political life.

‘I Wouldn’t Let Those Lawyers Represent Me for a Parking Ticket’
Republicans say the antics to overturn the election are getting tired, fast, and they could cost the party if they go on much longer.

Lara Trump Is Considering Senate Run in North Carolina
The president’s daughter-in-law is the first and only member of the Trump clan to have signaled the possibility of running for office.

Curfews Will Do Almost Nothing to Stop the Spread of COVID
The virus doesn’t know what time of day it is.
President’s latest tactic: Legislative coup

President Donald Trump’s strategy for retaining power despite losing the U.S. election is focused increasingly on persuading Republican legislators to intervene on his behalf in battleground states Democrat Joe Biden won, three people familiar with the effort said.


Having so far faced a string of losses in legal cases challenging the Nov. 3 results, Trump’s lawyers are seeking to enlist fellow Republicans who control legislatures in Michigan and Pennsylvania, which went for Trump in 2016 and for Biden in 2020, the sources said.


Michigan’s Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield has said the person who wins the most votes will win the electoral votes of his state, where Trump trails by more than 150,000 votes.


Trish Worth defends inflammatory asylum seeker comments

ELEANOR HALL: Now to those controversial remarks by one of John Howard’s parliamentary secretaries, Trish Worth, who holds one of the most marginal seats in the country. Last night at a public forum in her electorate of Adelaide, Ms Worth made comments which her opponents claim appeared to liken asylum seekers to animals.

Trish Worth, smarting from the political pressure, has strongly defended herself today, as Matt Coleman reports from Adelaide.

MATT COLEMAN: On Adelaide radio this morning, Trish Worth described her choice of words as regrettable, but she maintains she was not comparing asylum seekers to animals when she spoke at a public forum last week.

She says she was simply making a simple point, Trish Correspondents and she repeated it today.

TRISH WORTH: That we have regulation and laws in this country to do with health checks and other processing, whether that’s plant or animal.

What was sort of fresh in my mind I guess was that one of my very good friends is about to go overseas, on an overseas posting with her husband, and she had her fingers crossed at that time that they would get posted to a country where she could take her dog and bring it back in.

Now, there was no thought in my mind of comparing asylum seekers with animals. I was trying to make the point that there are processes to be gone through, there are health checks. I mean, the…

RADIO PRESENTER: You’ve done it again though, Trish Worth. You’ve just done it, again. You’ve compared the plight of asylum seekers with the way varying countries treat animals when they’re coming in.

TRISH WORTH: Well, I was just making an honest explanation. Um, I don’t think that I’ve done it again.

MATT COLEMAN: It’s perhaps ironic that Trish Worth is under fire over the issue of asylum seekers. She’s lobbied her own Liberal Party colleagues heavily to get people out of detention, and says one refugee family’s children even call her aunty.

She’s won an award from the refugee advocate group A Just Australia. Its National Director, Howard Glenn, says Trish Worth’s actions speak a lot louder than what he believes are a few poorly chosen words.

HOWARD GLENN: We were really delighted with the support that we got from Trish, and a handful of other government backbenchers, and we acknowledged that with a certificate of appreciation, just in the last sitting of Parliament. Her actions are on the record, and we think she’s done a good job.

MATT COLEMAN: Although words are everything in an election campaign, aren’t they?

HOWARD GLENN: Yes, well if she’s mis-chosen words, and she regrets them, I think that is probably consistent with the actions that she’s taken over the last three years.

MATT COLEMAN: But Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett has zeroed in on Trish Worth’s words, saying they’re disgraceful.

ANDREW BARTLETT: We had this in the last campaign, of deliberate demonisation, of gross distortions and dehumanising of people, and I really hope we don’t have it in this campaign. The whole suggestion that refugees are any sort of threat, whether it’s a security threat, whether it’s a quarantine threat, a health threat, is just a disgrace.

MATT COLEMAN: But Former Democrats leader Meg Lees, who’s now an independent senator, says health checks on asylum seekers are necessary, and she can see the point that Trish Worth was trying to make.

MEG LEES: But I don’t think that is quite the analogy and quite the way in which to make those points.

MATT COLEMAN: The Federal Opposition leader, Mark Latham, has steered clear of attacking Trish Worth, also agreeing that health checks are necessary.

MARK LATHAM: Our policy is to ensure that you’ve got the appropriate health and security checks, and we’re not using mandatory detention as a punishment system. If Trish Worth is worried, she should be saying the Howard Government should abandon its policy of using detention for punishment – let’s actually get the people through quickly.

MATT COLEMAN: Speaking on commercial radio, The Prime Minister, John Howard, described the whole issue as a beat-up.

JOHN HOWARD: She was simply making a point that if you’ve come to Australia there have to be tests made. I think it was just a beat-up by her opponent, and I certainly know Trish Worth very well.

And can I tell you, I mean, she is very, very compassionate towards refugees, and she was one of the people in the party who was pushing very hard for Temporary Protection Visas, and she’s the last person who you can hang that sort of tag on. So, no I won’t be having words with her, because she is a very sensitive, compassionate woman.

ELEANOR HALL: John Howard ending that report from Matt Coleman in Adelaide.


Ghida Fakhry

Ghida Fakhry (Arabic: غیدا فخري‎) is a Lebanese transmission journalist,[2] and current undertakings program moderator with TRT World,[3] and a mediator for Doha Debates[4] situated in Washington, DC, just as a supporter of the Huffington Post. She was a lead anchor for the worldwide news channel Al Jazeera English at its dispatch in Washington DC,[5] and was later one of the essential anchors at the organization’s central command in Doha. She was additionally the host of Witness, an honor winning narrative program.[6]  jimnews


1 Education

2 Career

3 Awards and Recognition

4 References

5 External connections


Ghida Fakhry sought after a bilingual training, French and English paving the way to a French baccalaureate degree.[citation needed] She later finished her undergrad concentrates in London and got a Master’s certificate in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, graduating with unique excellence in 1996, she additionally got a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the Boston University.[7] She is conversant in English, Arabic and French and is conversational in Spanish.[8]


Ghida Fakhry at the 2017 World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings

Ghida Fakhry began her profession as a political reporter for the London-based day by day Asharq Al-Awsat. She later turned out to be New York Bureau Chief and Columnist[9] covering the yearly General Assembly gatherings of the UN. As New York Correspondent and Bureau Chief for Al Jazeera in 2000 she covered the 9/11 assaults. Fakhry led interviews in Washington D.C. with U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld,[10] and the Secretary of State, Colin Powell,[11] just as a few other senior State Department and Pentagon authorities. She wrote about area from Baghdad and Kabul in the mid year of 2003 while going with Rumsfeld during his first excursion to Iraq after the US-drove attack and covered his visit to the Abu Ghraib prison.[8]

Grants and Recognition

2007: Voted as one of four US-based commentators in Esquire Magazine’s yearly ‘Ladies We Love'[12]

2012: George Foster Peabody Award for Aljazeera’s inclusion of the Arab Awakening[13]

2013: Named among the World’s Most Influential Arabs by Arabian Business Power 500[14]


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“Middle Eastern Bus


My Journey With the Spanish Language

I have forever been interested in the Spanish culture. It’s been something that has always fascinated me. The music, the people, the way of life. I decided at the bitter old age of 32 that I’d finally get my act together and learn Spanish in the hopes Spanish Magazine that I can move there in the future.

I had tried to learn Spanish in many random ways. I had read an article in a magazine suggesting to buy a cheap and cheerful Spanish dictionary and to take words for household items in it.

With the words it advised that I label those household items in my home, i.e. stick “puerta” on the door, “mesa” on the table. It was a quirky idea that in theory I would start associating these words with the item itself rather like a child would when learning to talk.

This brought me on to discover “submersion” technique. I began my search for lessons that I could try. I was bought a nice Christmas gift from my niece. It was a Spanish disc by Berlitz. It was quite fun and cute but relatively easy as once the games are over there’s not much else to go by.

I tried a CD set by Michele Thomas which I must say was fairly good as it did go in depth with the grammar and I found that I was picking up quite a bit. The only downside I must say is that you defiantly lack the one on one benefits i.e. pronunciation etc.

I had been watching the TV when a commercial for Rosetta Stone came on. It sounded really good so I took my 300 bucks and tried it out. It was a lot of money for me at the time but was defiantly an investment. It uses voice recognition and gives you a smack on the wrist when your accent slips up!

I’m now trying to listen more to Spanish music and watch some movies in Spanish as I think that this may help.

Best thing to do would be to move there and jump in the deep end as they say but I hope that with more research I shall improve. I’m sure I’ll be the 1st to report when I do!


Health Savings Accounts And High-Deductible Health Insurance Help Small Businesses

Across the nation, employers are either spending a lot more to cover employees with health insurance or dropping that as a company benefit completely. According to the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, the average cost of providing employees with family coverage has reached a national average of $13,027. Yet, in more than half of the states (27, in fact), the average state-wide cost was even higher.

Between 2003 and 2009, the average cost of family health insurance policies rose by a whopping 45 percent in Pennsylvania and by 50 percent in Maryland. The worst hit was Louisiana with a 59-percent hike.

Almost a third of the people in the U.S. without health insurance work for companies with fewer than 100 employees, according to a March 2008 population survey. Another 2008 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that while large companies have continued to provide health insurance at relatively unchanged levels, the percentage of small companies doing so fell to just 59 percent.

Small Business Owners Lose When They Stop Covering Employees

Small businesses can be harmed in several ways when they drop coverage for employees. The better benefits offered by big firms can funnel high-quality employees away from small businesses in droves.

Small companies are also at more of a disadvantage when employees are sick than larger firms are. That’s because small firms lack a reserve of employees with the knowledge and skills to replace workers who are out sick. That gap can cripple productivity, depress moral and give customers the impression that a business is no longer capable for servicing their needs all because critical personnel are missing.

Another way that small businesses suffer more is that they often have to pay a lot more to cover employees because they lack the buying power of bigger employers. So, what can small business owners do to dig themselves out of this hole?

Health Reimbursement Arrangements Work For Small Business Owners

While small businesses may not be able to pay for an employee’s individual health insurance plan, many times state laws let employers reimburse their employees tax-free via a Section 105 HRA Plan.

A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) can include as much or as little coverage as an employer deems necessary. It’s simply an agreement as to which health care costs an employer will reimburse employees for and it can include health insurance premiums. It’s a business expense for company and a tax-free benefit for employees.

Employers decide whether to keep all, part or none of the funds they contribute for employee health care expenses at year end. They also set whether former employees, such as retirees, may continue to access unused reimbursement amounts.

Health Savings Accounts Offer Small Business Owners More

Another form of consumer-driven health care, health savings accounts are an easy-to-manage alternative for small business owners. HSA Plans reduce paperwork for the business by shifting control to the employees. With Health Savings Plans, employees determine which financial institutions will manage their health savings account (HSA) so the employer invests less time in setting up accounts.

Both the employer and employee may contribute to an HSA Health Plan, and employee contributions can serve as tax deductions to reduce their income taxes. In the move toward high-deductible health insurance to keep premium costs down, more banks and other financial institutions are making it easier to set up Health Savings Plans. They are also increasing options that make an HSA more attractive to employees.




Looking Good But Not The Same With Simple Skin Care Tips

For the most part, we all like to look our best. We strive for that just right look. We may spend hours trying to achieve the goal, but it’s worth the results. Simple skin care tips can help you attain the ultimate goal of looking good. We live in a very competitive world that makes winning the ultimate goal. I believe that whether we win or lose, its how we play the game that counts. We are all designed differently, so we don’t look alike, but we all seem to want to look alike. We may go out and buy the same kind of clothes someone has, or the same shoes, and we may even have our hair styled the same way someone else has, with little regard to whether it is the right style for our own face shape. You have to remember that someone who has a flawless looking face, may actually be covering up a lot. Looking good doesn’t mean looking the same, and some simple skin care tips can achieve that.

It’s important to know that hair is important in the way we look, and that all hair is not the same. You may not be able to use the same hair products someone else uses because maybe your hair is dry and theirs is oily. Simple skin care tips are important in hair care as well as the skin. After all, the hair simplestartllc covers the skin and usually touches the face. Keeping your hair clean is one of the first simple skin care tips advice to teach someone. Oily hair can cause oily skin, which can cause acne. It is not only important to keep the hair clean, but hydrated as well, so it stays healthy. There are many simple skin care tips products available today, that can keep the hair healthy.

Some simple skin care tips of just bathing daily, can also be not only cleansing to the skin, but refreshing and replenishing as well. It is vital to good skin care to keep it clean. There are many products today that smell wonderful, but may not be the best to use. Many products that have a lot of fragrances, can also cause you to have an allergic reaction, so be careful when choosing a simple skin care tips product. When washing, make sure you use a light scrub type device to apply your soap. This will help in exfoliating dead skin. Simple skin care tips of removing dead skin will allow for new skin to grow, and replace the old contaminated skin.

Daily moisturizing is imperative in simple skin care tips. As we age, so does our skin, so it is important to keep it moisturized. A good rule of thumb is to moisturize morning and night daily, and this is usually enough, but I don’t believe you can over moisturize dry skin. If you do, your body will let you know. It will either become greasy looking or your face will begin breaking out. By following these simple skin care tips, your body will not only be cleaner, but look younger too. You don’t have to look like someone else to look good. Just be yourself, but be all you can be.