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California Bearing Ratio (CBR) :-

California bearing ratio check cbr testing
1. CALIFORNIA BEARING RATIO check by using :- Shekhar Mehta (12CE010) (120040106010) 1
2. CALIFORNIA BEARING RATIO (CBR) :-  The ratio of the force in step with unit location required to penetrate a soil mass with general penetration plunger at a uniform rate of 1.25 mm/min., to the corresponding penetration load of the usual material or crushed stone is known as CBR. CBR (%) = check load x one hundred% Penetration load (preferred material) 2
Three. Importance :-  it’s far normally used to categorise & examine the soil subgrade & base coarse substances for the flexible pavement.  This check is empirical & the results cannot be appropriately associated with any fundamental homes of the fabric. 3
Four. Four
Five. System :-  Take 4.Five-five kg of soil & mix it thoroughly with required amount of water (OMC) or field moisture content.  The spacer disc is located at the lowest of the mildew over the bottom plate & a rough clear out paper is positioned over the spacer disc.  The wet soil is to be compacted over this inside the mildew by way of adopting either IS light or heavy compaction. 5
6.  After compacting the last layer, the collar is eliminated & the extra of soil above the pinnacle of the mould is flippantly trimmed off.  The clamps are eliminated & the mold with the compacted soil is lifted, leaving below the base plate & spacer disc is removed.  A clear out paper is positioned on the bottom plate, the mildew with compacted soil is inverted & placed over the bottom plate& clamps are tightened.  Weight of 2.Five-five kg are located over the soil in the mold. Then the entire mould is placed inside the water tank to permit soaking for 4 days. 6
7.  A swelling measuring tool are located on the top fringe of the mould & the spindle of the dial gauge is located touching the pinnacle of the sample.  preliminary dial gauge analyzing are recorded & the test pattern is stored undisturbed in the water tank.  After 4 days of soaking, the mould is clamped over the bottom plate & the identical surcharge weights are positioned on the specimen as the test may be performed.  The whole assembly is placed below the loading system. 7
8.  Penetration plunger is added in contact with the pinnacle surface of the soil through making use of four kg of load.  The dial gauge of proving ring & the penetration dial gauge is ready on 0.  the load is implemented through penetration charge of 1.25 mm/min.  the load readings are taken at zero.Zero, 0.5, 1.0, 1.Five, 2.0, 2.5, three.Zero, 4.0, five.0, 7.Five, 10.0, 12.Five mm of penetration. 8
9.  The max. Load cost & the corresponding penetration value are recorded.  A graph is plotted with the aid of penetration (mm) on x-axis & load (kN) on y-axis & the cost of load at penetration 2.Five & five.5 mm are discovered from the graph. Nine

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