The Awareness of Metaphysical Laws and Principles Part 3

There is a strong connection between the immaterial aspects of man and his physical constitution. The mind and emotions affect the somatic system via the vital body, the etheric body with its energy-centers and channels called in Yoga philosophy, chakra and nadi, respectively. These chakras affect the glandular-system according to its state of vitality. Negative states of mind and emotions obstruct or irregulates the flow of the life-force or prana emanating from the sun and streaming into the chakras. This in turn causes the associated gland of the energy-center to be hyper- or hypo-active which manifests as the malfunctioning of the organs and the impairment of the metabolic processes. This sets the stage for disease to occur in the body. An unbalanced and dis-eased state in the physical constitution are therefore the reflected images of our habitual thoughts and feelings. It is the manifestation of the inner reality of mind and emotions. This is not to say that all illnesses are the result of the play of the mind and feelings–there are, of course, a small percentage of illnesses the result of physical causes estafa law philippines.


There are four fundamental principles to consider in metaphysical healing:


1) The preparation of the Healer


2) Determining the cause of inharmony


3) The choice of metaphysical therapy


4) The actual healing and teaching


Concerning the first point, every healer should realize that what really heals is the divine power of the Universal Mind. The healer is merely a channel for the healing energies to flow, or at the very least, a catalyst for the healing power that flows from the patient’s divine principle. Because energy is tainted by the channel in which it flows, it behooves the healer to purify his lower being from all obnoxious material. In the ancient Mystery Schools, for instance, every would-be-healer would undergo purification in the form of prayers, fasting, meditation, and other spiritual exercises. This had a three-fold effect–the elimination of toxins from the physical system; the strengthening, vitalizing, and magnetizing of the aura and nervous system–both subtle and gross; and the alignment of the lower components of the microcosm with the divine principles called “the spiritual triad” by Theosophists. This purification makes it feasible for divine forces of vital life, which is a higher form of prana, to flow through the healer. Once having filled the physical body with a harmonious flow of the vivifying principle, the surplus energy would strengthen and magnetize the aura. In Christian scriptures we read of saints healing with their “shadow.” This shadow is in fact the aura.


Another relevant point connected with the metaphysician’s preparation is the polarization of the consciousness. Energy flows abundantly from and to the chakra in which the consciousness is daily polarized. The expressions of love and compassion, for instance, which are vital attributes for the healer to possess, reveals that the consciousness is polarized in the heart-chakra. Expressions of self-centeredness indicate a polarization within the solar-plexus center. A strong altruistic will shows that the polarization is within the chakras above the heart. What this means technically, where divine pranic healing is concerned, is that the polarization within a lower center would make it difficult for the healer to reach and heal the organs of the patient associated with a higher center because of a difference in the frequency octave. Heart troubles, for instance, which is associated with a poor functioning of the heart-chakra, a healer polarized in the solar-plexus will find it difficult to heal, because the necessary energies required to correct the patient’s problem is unavailable, inspite the belief that plain unqualified divine energy is sufficient enough to do the work. Without the right level of consciousness, divine energy entering into the healer would simply evaporate having found no correspondence in likeness within him/her. The divine energies entering the healer is qualified with whatever psychic center the healer polarizes himself. The healer may seek to overide this with the exercise of the will and may succeed to a certain degree, but without the correct polarization the healing process will not be optimal. It is therefore, important for the healer to evolve and function on a higher consciousness-level. This is of prime importance in the preparatory stage. Polarization on the highest centers makes the divine energy flowing through all of the other chakras equally accessible.




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